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Plan It Applecross

We would like to thank all those who have been involved in the Plan It Applecross PAS community engagement process, which has resulted in the production of the Applecross Community Land Use Plan. This plan has now been finalised and you can find a copy of it below, alongside a report summarising The Highland Council statutory public consultation on the plan, which was held over May and June.

The Applecross Community Land Use Plan helps address specific local issues such as housing affordability, land supply, sustainable development and tourism planning. Plan It Applecross has been an ongoing collaborative process since January 2019 involving local people, and multiple stakeholders including the commissioning party the Applecross Community Company, major landowners The Applecross Trust, the local authority The Highland Council, developers The Highland Small Communities Housing Trust, and various statutory bodies: Scottish Natural Heritage, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency and Historic Environment Scotland. It has been a truly collaborative planning and engagement process, made possible through neutral facilitation and positive engagement with the whole community. 

The development of this plan has already enabled the Applecross Community Company to:

  • plan for feasibility studies, with landowner consent on three different sites identified within the plan; and
  • begin conversations with funders and stakeholders on several initiatives such as sustainable/active travel provision and the establishment of community woodlands at Torgarve.

Key Documents

Plan It Applecross Community Land Use Plan (Low Resolution) - Final plan in low resolution.

Plan It Applecross Community Land Use Plan (High Resolution) - Final plan in high resolution.

Plan It Applecross Community Land Use Plan - Consultation Summary - Report summarising all the responses to the plan consultation, action taken where deemed appropriate, and explanation where no change has been made.

What Next?

This autumn The Highland Council will submit the plan to the Ross and Cromarty Committee so that it may be endorsed as at least “a material planning consideration for development management purposes”. Once this has been completed the plan will be sent to the Scottish Government’s for endorsement will be sought for the Plan’s adoption as Statutory Supplementary Guidance, thus giving which would give it equal status to the Local Development Plan (WestPlan).

Background and Context

Commissioned by the Applecross Community Company, the planning charity PAS worked with local residents, community groups, and key stakeholders, such as The Applecross Trust, to produce a Community Land Use Plan, “Plan It Applecross”, for the Applecross Community. The project took place during January – June 2019. More detail on this process can be found in the plan.

Who are PAS?

PAS (www.pas.org.uk) is a volunteer led independent and impartial charitable body who helps people to understand and influence the places where they live, work and visit. PAS are specialist planners who have extensive experience in community engagement and community-led land use planning in rural Scotland. PAS are based in Edinburgh and will be visiting Applecross during January-April with the final plan scheduled for May.

Background to Plan It Applecross

Following the recent ACC survey (2018), and other recent community consultations, the development of this plan is the “next step”. It built upon the results of these consultations to produce a plan which represents the community’s view on the future of Applecross’s land use.

What is a Community Land Use Plan?

Good question! A Community Land Use Plan identifies geographical areas which are suitable for future development. Such developments may include housing, recreational areas, footpaths, community buildings. By involving the community throughout the entire project, the aim has been to build this plan together, and include all the views of the community members.

What Happened?

  • 5-6 February: PAS (David Ferguson; Laura MacDonald) were with the Applecross Primary and Plockton High School.
  • 6-8 February: PAS (Julia Frost; Rob Piggot) were in Applecross meeting key groups: crofting grazing committees, local businesses, the over-60’s lunch club, the Community Hall Committee, and local groups such as heritage/archaeology. 
  • 6 Feb - 28 Feb: PAS spoke on the phone/via email to other local organisations and groups and othe individuals. We would also like to speak to anybody who is not currently resident in Applecross but who grew up here and would consider returning.
  • 28 Feb – 2 March: The main community workshops were held in the Community Hall.
  • 12 March: a meeting was held to short list the sites identified in the workshops and discussions. Short-listing was based on ownership, planning considerations and existing land use issues. This meeting included representatives from the ACC Board, the Applecross Trust, Applecross Community Council, Highland Council, HSCHT and the Applecross Forum. 
  • 3 April: a follow up session was held to present the strategy and proposals that came from the main workshops.
  • 3 May: Draft Community Land Use Plan published for comment and feedback.
  • 17 June: A meeting was held with key stakeholders to finalise and agree changes to the plan following the consultation, and prioritise and get agreement on sites that would undergo feasbility studies. This meeting included representatives from PAS, the ACC Board, the Applecross Trust, Highland Council, Highlands Small Communities Housing Trust. 
  • 25 July: Final Community Land Use Plan published.

Further Contact

For further detail please contact Roslyn at ACC on ldo@applecrosscommunitycompany.org.

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